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Why E-commerce is good for your business?

If you are tired of looking for the best e-commerce solution for your business, then you are not alone. Many companies feel similar frustration in not knowing the platform you choose to maximize your business idea. Choosing an online e-commerce solution is important because you need to feel safe while using the platform, and you have something to keep for a long time.

How you can choose the Best E-commerce Platform for your Business?

There are many ways you can choose this e-commerce platform. Here are some useful steps.

  1. Easy integration with your websites and social media
  2. Easy navigation for users
  3. Payment Method feasibility
  4. Types of products you sell on your platform
  5. Mobile friendliness of the website

These five points are things you'll need to consider when deciding what e-commerce solution you need for your website. You should be able to integrate them with your website and social media platform quickly. It should be easy to navigate. It should include a payment method that you can trust and feel comfortable when you use it. You can also sell the product you want either within the country or outside you have the will to choose your options. Integrated payments system help you in issue regarding this section.
Once you've checked out and compared all the features of the top five E-commerce solutions, you might have a better idea of ​​working for a business. Remember there is no perfect solution. You only have to think about how many products you have, whether you are selling physical or digital products, and if these solutions are associated with the budget designated for your online shopping solution.

Features of best E-commerce platform

Mobile Friendliness
Mobile Friendly is Important. Your platform should be mobile-friendly to your mobile clients. Statistics show that the mobile shopping crowd will grow within the next few months and years. So make sure that mobile users are ready for this flow of your website and are willing to reconcile with your shopping site.
Responsiveness of the site
Viewers come back to the keys Keep in mind that it's important to create great web feedback in your pages. In fact, many experts agree that it is one of the most important reasons why your customers come back to your site. If some pages that are not loaded on some devices or unwanted may be frustrating slowly, then customers will be adequately ready to sell your page.

Future of E-commerce in Pakistan

Pakistan is also an active information technology centre with a heterogeneous online market that now offers billions of opportunities for domestic and foreign investors. While Pakistan may not remain parallel to global players in e-commerce, it is not lagging behind.
Thanks to modern leaps in Internet technologies and the growing cross-border influence of China, e-commerce has become a catalyst for the socio-economic prospects of Pakistan, rapidly expanding its diverse business sectors and integrating into the landscape of commercial consumers. With the growing business culture and the stability of digital footprint, Pakistan's future in e-commerce reflects promising prospects for accelerating growth.

Introduction of Awareness sessions of E-commerce to empower youth

Leading educational institutions in Pakistan encourage young entrepreneurs to help them become successful future leaders. The best IT universities in Pakistan are among the main reasons for creating IT startups.
Similarly, the Punjab government, in its quest to strengthen the trade campaign in Pakistan, identified Plan 9, the technology incubator of the Punjab Information Technology Council, to help entrepreneurs create, develop and expand their technology start-ups in a stimulating and sustainable environment.

Availability of Internet almost everywhere

Pakistan currently has 59 million smartphone users with 83% of Android users. This figure is likely to increase due to the recent decline in smartphone prices and the availability of mobile data transmission packages for Pakistani mobile Internet users.
Pakistan’s Cabinet has already approved the launch of a fifth-generation technology last year under the leadership of the Pakistan Communications Commission (PTA) to test the technology before its release into commercial use after 2020.

Online shopping becomes way too easy

In their pursuit of e-commerce, local brands in Pakistan are learning to take advantage of specialized digital solutions, integrating attractive web design features, increasing page loading speed, introducing simpler navigation methods, developing simple content and using digital marketing techniques to maximize the impact of their presence.
At the same time, Pakistan’s logistics infrastructure has improved significantly, eliminating traditional delays and moderate births while ensuring product insurance, digital tracking, and online cash for buyers.

The rise of Upper Middle class in this revolutionary era of technology

With the integration of more small and medium enterprises, millions of new jobs are being created that create an interactive user base on the Internet. Lower to middle-class online shoppers are more likely to interact with online shopping platforms and distribute their income across products and services.
Labour resources always serve as a distinctive factor in the economic development of any country. A huge number of Pakistani working class is an important indicator of its success in e-commerce, as it paves the way for becoming the main market for the global e-commerce arena.

Offerings to World’s top Microfinance services

The government also promised to provide more favourable rules for electronic portals such as PayPal and AliPay, which will encourage its use in e-commerce sectors.
This initiative will enable developing e-commerce companies to expand their external services and products and attract more visible commercial opportunities in the global market.

Real Analysis of Pakistan E-commerce Market

Pakistan E-commerce market was struggling in past decades but with the advent of technology and sheer awareness to the young generation, this field is progressing day by day.
A lot of investors having expertise in this field are heading towards Pakistan and started investing in e-commerce stores in Pakistan.

Ecommerce Market size in Pakistan

9.8 billion Pkr

93 M USD




Estimate Average of orders

8100 Pkr

77 USD




Average Revenue per Buyer

17.2 million Pkr

163 K USD


There is no best solution to anything when it comes to your online business. You just have to consider the factors that you feel are the most important. Choose a solution that not only meets your immediate needs but also increases with your business as you expand your product line and change customer needs.